Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ten For Tuesday

1. Yesterday (Memorial Day) was such a pleasant day! It was sunny and warm. The rain cleared up for one day, and now it's back to raining again. The temperature was about 90 degrees, and Sean decided to wash the Honda, so I put the kids in their bathing suits and we went outside. After the kids splashed in the water puddles for a bit, we decided to get their wading pool out so the could swim. They has a blast, and they stayed in it for a good while.

2. All the while, I was weeding my flower bed. It was in desperate need. I found two caterpillars! We also have a LOT of doodlebugs (or, as some of you call them, roly polies.) Are those good or bad for flower beds?

3. On Saturday night, Sean and I made an appearance at our friend Ben's suprise birthday party in Paris. We got to hang out with some friends we hadn't seen in a while and have some drinks. We had a good time, but we had to leave early to get the kids home at a decent time. (Don't worry, they were not with us. We had babysitters.)

4. On Sunday, we went to the Scarborough Fair (finally.) We had so much fun! I love going there. There are so many people that work there dressed up in costumes, and they call you Sir and Me Lady. We met a troll named Noobler who sang us some songs while a Leprechaun played the flute. We also watched a very impressive fairy that was incredibly pretty. She played her own little flutes and handed out fairy stones. They have all kinds of little shops that you can buy things at. Zane got a wooden sword and shield, and I got some home-made soaps. We checked out a dog show that made Zane laugh so hard, and we saw a guy throwing knives. I didn't take the camera because I didn't want to chance it getting wet from the rain. It did end up raining, but we would have been able to take the camera with no problems. It's too bad, because we would have gotten some really cool photos.

5. About a month ago, I purchased a strawberry growing kit at the Dollar General down the street. Zane and I put in the soil and planted the seeds together and placed them on the kitchen window sill. I have remembered to water them when needed (this is very easy for me to do, because I look right at the pail when I am washing the dishes) and I have not neglected them in any way, yet they have not started growing. This is disappointing because I was looking forward to watching them grow. I can't figure out if I am at fault or if they just weren't good seeds. I have not given up on them yet.
6. I have already started mentally preparing myself for our trip to Colorado. I am growing more and more excited each day. Now, as many of you may know, I don't like long road trips in the car. I get restless and it is difficult for me to sleep, which really does need to happen, because it is an overnight trip and we take turns driving. Although, I am not comfortable in the car for long periods, these trips are kind of becoming a family tradition that I am very fond of. We stop at the same stops and get to see all of the beautiful scenery together. I am expecting it to be a little harder this year because Addison is older and more demanding, but I am sure we will manage. The only thing I hope is different from last year, is a bigger car. It makes it worse if we are all cramped in our little Honda, and I hope we can afford to take a roomier vehicle.

7. Over the past few weeks, Addison learned how to crawl out of her crib. I walked into her bedroom one morning to find her balled up in the seat of her rocking chair. It's scary, because she had to have fallen once she got over the top. I immediately removed the bumber and thought this would be enough. Well, about a week later, she did it again. Sean lowered the mattress as low as it would go, which is pretty close to the ground. It is one of those 3 in 1 cribs, and we will be putting it in toddler stage soon enough. My baby is growing too fast.

8. My little puppy, Bella, is not so little anymore. She loves to bark and chase people down outside when we take her to use the bathroom. She is very good with the kids, mainly Addison, but she likes to bark at Zane because he is usually very rowdy with her....she goes into instant play mode when he is around. Here is an updated picture:
9. This Spring, we had some Barn Swallows build a nest on our front porch. When we moved in Sean knocked down the old one that they had there, and they returned and built a new one. I was looking forward to seeing their cute little babies, but it looks like they have abandoned their nest. My best guess would be because every time we opened the door, they got scared and flew away, and I'm sure they wanted a nest somewhere that was more comfortable for them.

10. Earlier, in #4, I mentioned that I bought some home made soaps at the Scarborough Fair. I got one mint and one lavender, and they smell wonderful. I've always wanted to make soap to sell, but I have never tried. I would really like to learn to make it, but I am afraid it would take up too much room in my kitchen and would make a huge mess. I am also wary about the amount of time and money I would need to invest in such a venture. Maybe I will make the leap, and try it out, but I know myself pretty well, and I know that this is just another thing that will probably be put on the back burner and left there for a good while.


Nicole said...

Are you trying to hint to your mom that you need a roomier car for your road trip? :) I can not wait to see you guys!! We love taking road trips. Addison's age wasn't difficult for us at all. It's the ages that our kids are at now that makes it harder.

H to the N said...

Well, we have the Montero, it just takes a lot more gas. It's hard to go for the bigger car when you know you could be saving some money taking the smaller one. I hope, for the sake of my sanity, we go for it.