Monday, May 18, 2009

Ten for Tuesday

My sister-in-law, Nicole, does this thing called Ten for Tuesdays, and I thought I would try it out. So here is my first ever Ten for Tuesday post!

1. Zane's 6th birthday was this past Thursday, and we had his party on Sunday. He requested a Ben 10 party and, wouldn't you know, there was only one store in the entire Dallas area that had Ben 10 supplies. He has grown so much since I first met him, and I am so proud of the person he is becoming. He has had some behavioral issues, but (knock on wood) he is doing so much better now. He is a sweet and loving little boy, and I am SO glad that he is in my life.

2. Addison is growing super fast and I am having trouble keeping up. Her independent side has started, and she wants to do many things by herself. She has recently started saying "chop chop", and it is so cute!

3. I had a wonderful Mother's Day! Zane made me a calendar with his picture on it, which is now hanging up behind the computer I am currently using at work. Addison made me a scrapbook sheet with her hand print and a poem on it. My dear husband bought me some beautiful orchids that I am trying my best to keep healthy, but I am not doing so well at it. And, my Mom made me a photo collage and got me a little birdie to sit in my new flower bed. My whole family got together at my Mom's house, and we grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, and we had a great time!

4. I recently accompanied Zane on his first field trip. We went to Petco and learned about the pets that they have. We got to feel how soft a chinchilla's fur was and we also got to pet a snake! The picture is of our tour guide, Barbara, showing us a beautiful baby bird (that I wanted to take home). I took it with my phone, so, quality is not great.5. This past Saturday, we had plans to go to the Scarborough Fair in Waxahachie after getting Zane's birthday supplies in Dallas. It was raining really hard, so we decided to go to the Dallas World Aquarium instead. We had a blast! Although we have been there before, it is always a treat to go see all the different animals. We even saw a woman diving in the aquarium with the manatees and the sharks being fed!

6. On the day of Zane's party my best friend Shawnee came to visit us. We went and had dinner together at a burger place called MG's, and then went home to hang out for a bit. We went down to the gas station to get some beer, and Shawnee spied a Mexican strawberry flavored beer. She decided to buy some to sample it. The beer claimed to be stronger than tequila and to shake it well. Needless to say, we were a little wary of shaking a beer well. This is Shawnee with her "Am I really supposed to be shaking this?" look. Also, she is not wearing a nightie, it is a dress.

7. Relay for Life is in 11 days, and I am having trouble getting donations. Nobody wants to donate because money is tight these days, which I can totally understand. If you or anybody you know would like to donate a little to my team, please go to, click on donate, and you can search for me by name or team name. The name of our team is KingPins.

8. Sean just bought us tickets to go see Dane Cook on June 19th! We didn't buy the cheapest ones, but we didn't buy the most expensive ones either. I am totally excited, and I have been unable to think about much else.

9. My dad lives on a large tract of land in the country with a pond that has fishies in it, blackberry bushes, and a Great Dane named Gina. The kids like to ride on his golf cart and play around outside. He recently bought some chickens and he is going to sell fresh eggs once they start laying them. They have been given assorted names, such as, Paula Deen and The Dixie Chicks. Let us not forget Miss Reba. They have gotten big, and I look forward to those farm-fresh eggs!
10. I went to the dentist a couple of weeks ago and got two fillings in my teef. I have to go back next month to get two more (Sean and I haven't been to the dentist in years, so there is a lot of work to be done) which I'm not looking forward to. I don't like half of my mouth being dead. I really hate that feeling. Here's a picture of my crooked smile:

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Nicole said...

You've been a busy mama! Keep up the good work. xoxo