Thursday, April 3, 2008

I've Gone Mad

Oh my goodness. The strangest thing has happened to me lately, and I am treading in uncharted waters. I have been bitten by the designer purse bug. If you would've asked me what I thought about Coach or Dooney and Bourke purses two years ago, I would've said "Those are ugly. I don't understand what all the hype is." But now I swoon for them. I visit everyday and look at the beautiful specimens they display. I dream of being placed in a Coach store and being able to go would see me decked out with all the accessories...matching, of course. Although, I still don't understand why someone would spend that much on a purse or wallet, but if I had the money, I would totally do it! I don't know whether to blame it on being older or becoming a mom, but this mania came from somewhere....maybe I've been hanging out with my cousin Sarah too much (she also pines for one of these hard to reach anomalies). One of my co-workers and I were comparing these purses to cars! I have lost my mind! What is wrong with me?