Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ten for Tuesday

By the way, this Ten for Tuesday post is not going to include pictures. I am tired and I would rather get ready to go to bed. So sorry, Charlie.

1. My bestest friend, Shawnee, spent the weekend at my house! I love her, and its terrible that she has to drive an hour to come visit, but I am so happy when she comes to see us! I want her to move in. Or to Sherman, at least. I miss that lady all the time.

2. Out of the blue, my Mom offered to keep the kids overnight Saturday night,so we (the adults) could hang out. Southern Comfort. Crown. Drunken messes. 'Nuff said.

3. On Sunday, my Aunt Debbie invited to whole family over to swim in the pool for the first time this season. We all swam for a while, then we had grilled hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner. They have had some pump problems and recently replaced theirs, and my Uncle Tom worked tirelessly to have the cement pond ready by Sunday. He pulled it off, and we had such fun! Thank you, Tom!

4. Sunday night, when Shawnee was leaving to go home, we walked out onto the front porch and saw two cute little geckos. I love geckos. We watched them for a minute, then Shawnee decided to take off. After she got in her car and drove off, I turned to walk into the house and something caught my eye. I did a double take and saw that it was a huge tarantula! I proceeded to scream like a little girl and yell for Sean.

5. Sean caught the tarantula and one of the geckos and told me to come see. While I was looking, I was expressing how freaked out I was and said something about how I feel like there is another one watching me. I then turned around and saw another one ambling up toward us on the side walk. This one was WAY bigger. Sean caught that one too, and wanted to see it eat the gecko. He let them out the next morning after showing Zane, and one of them wouldn't leave the porch. Sean put it out in the yard and it came back. So now I look for it every time.

6. Friday night was Relay For Life night. Our on-site fundraiser was bowling, and we made about $300. I love doing this with my family every year. We have lost so many family members to cancer, and we like to do our part in finding a cure. I will keep participating, but I don't think we are going to have our own team anymore.

7. I have started buying supplies to make soap. I made two purchases last night consisting of sodium hydroxide (lye), a soap mold, assorted oils, powdered buttermilk, and powdered goats milk. Now that I am putting money into it, I have started getting a little nervous. I have started doubting my soap making ability. Will I make it right? Do I really understand the process? I am really ready to make my first batch, but I can't until my supplies come in.

8. Lye is a very caustic substance and I'm not particularly thrilled about working with it in our kitchen. I have decided to set up a work area in our garage for making soap. We have unfinished and unused cabinets out there that I can use. I just need a table and some storage drawers. Sean and I are going to get in there this weekend and move some stuff around.

9. Last night as I was putting Zane to bed, I told him to pick out a book to read. I left the room for a minute and when I came back, he told me he didn't want to read a book tonight. When I asked him why, he told me he was getting too old for story time. What's that all about?

10. On our way to work this morning, Mom and I had to drop her co-worker's car off at his house because she borrowed it yesterday. As we were pulling out of his driveway, we saw two babies about Addison's age playing in the street. They were only wearing diapers and were filthy. There was nobody else around. I jumped out of the car to get them out of the street, and just then a car came around the corner and honked at them. Like they were dogs or something. I kept asking them where their house was and they were so young, they weren't really understanding me. We finally figured out which apartment was theirs and the guy that came to the door had been sleeping. My guess is that the kids woke up early so the adult(s) put them in front of the TV and went back to bed while leaving the front door unlocked. So many bad things could have happened to those children.

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Nicole said...

Spiders, GROSS! Are tarantulas a normal site out there?

Glad you guys had such a nice weekend last week. Sounds like a really good time! I'm so glad it's finally that time of the year.